college-aged students are incredibly valuable to the body of Christ. at matthias’ lot, we believe this season of life is a vital time to learn how to pursue community without your parents—learning that your faith does not stem from earthly connections, (age, hobbies and work) but through true gospel community, co-laboring together and being one in Christwe believe it is crucial for college-aged students to be fully submerged in the body through community, discipleship and serving, with the goal of then being sent out to campuses, athletic teams, workplaces, and families.

students have the opportunity to learn what it means to not just attend church but rather invest into a local church while still in college. this is why college-aged students at matthias’ lot are encouraged to become covenant members, join a lot family, and be in a discipleship relationship. 

if you’d like to learn more serving opportunities, mlcollege events, how to get connected, please contact brandon at