for 137 days we asked God to usher us into his presence through these writings. for the next month, we are going to pause these writings as we go through a short 4 week series entitled “restore me.” when we begin our next series, we will fire up these writings again!

in the meantime, may i encourage you to keep pressing into the presence of God through his word. if you need some direction, start in the psalms at chapter 1. before you read, ask for God’s presence to be with you through his Word. ask God to open your eyes to him and what he is wanting you to hear. ask God that every truth, every call, every command – would drive you to need Jesus and depend on the work of Jesus more. and then read.

enjoy the presence of God. it is his presence alone that redeems us from the judgement of our sin and restores us from the brokenness that our sin causes. his presence alone! Immanuel, God is with us! enjoy!

~ john ryan