“and how from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred writings, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.’ [2 timothy 3:15]

“you have been acquainted with…” the word that paul uses here for “acquainted with” is the greek word “oida” which refers to simply having a knowledge of something or being aware of it’s existence. which is a far cry from the word “ginosko” which implies an active experiential relationship between the one who knows and what (or who) they know.

so we see here that timothy has known about scripture and has had knowledge of the existence of God’s word since he was a child, but not necessarily a relationship with the one who is the word of God. paul knows this and isn’t satisfied with that, and he challenges this head knowledge of scripture in the second half of the verse.

“which are able to make you wise for salvation…” this is when it’s driven home. paul says as it were, “remember how you grew up knowing about the bible, and having knowledge about God’s word? yeah that’s not where it ends, this isn’t just a story, it’s not just fun teachings or cute entertainment or even good moral words. this is the eternal, everlasting soul changing word of God.”

those sacred writings, the truths of scripture, the word of God, it’s powerful! it has the power to redeem! to bring the dead to life and to turn dry bones into armies! Jesus himself is referred to as the word made flesh. Jesus, the one who conquered death is the very word of God made visible!

and we have this word in our hands! we have the very power that raised Jesus to life at our fingertips. and we settle… we settle for an acquaintance with the word of God, a simple head knowledge of the truths of scripture! how tragic!

the word of God is living! it’s alive and it’s powerful! God is calling you here to stop being an acquaintance of him and his word. he is calling you into a relationship, into a true and full understanding of who he is in his word as you walk through scripture.

may your heart be radically transformed as God opens up your eyes and you see the truth and the power of the word of God.

take time today, right now to pray that God would deepen your heart knowledge of him, your relationship with him as you spend time with him, in his presence. and pray that in that, your eyes would be opened to the power of the life changing, soul altering, Christ exalting, word of God. 

~ josiah bridges