now those who were scattered went about preaching the word. [acts 8:4]


one of the costs of following Jesus – is being sent.

[19] “go therefore and make disciples of all nations…”  [matthew 28:19]

[20] “and i am with you always…” [matthew 28:20]


Jesus commanded his followers to go

he was sending us,

with him,

to make disciples (followers)

of all nations.


from the the outset, one of the costs of following Jesus would be – being sent with him to make disciples.


question: where is God sending you now?

to your …

  • home
  • work place
  • school
  • family
  • neighbor
  • relative
  • friend
  • another city
  • another state
  • another nation


he is sending you,

with him,

to make disciples.


the question is – will you (and i) pay the cost to go?


today: let’s ask the Lord, by the power of the Spirit (that he paid with his life to give us, eph 1:13), to empower us to go with him.


yes LORD,

fill us with your Spirit that you have freely given us at your cost. empower us to go with you, in your love, with your grace, for your glory! give us intentionality. give us joy. give us a simple humble love that seeks to show and share the love of Jesus in deed and word. in Jesus name – amen!


~ john ryan