and recognized him as the one who sat at the beautiful gate of the temple, asking for alms. and they were filled with wonder and amazement at what had happened to him. [acts 3:10]


‘wonder and amazement’ are two words that can summarize much of what happens in the book of acts. but does it characterize us?


in the period immediately following pentecost, the world seemed to be brimming over with the supernatural. it was a moment of selfless generosity, bold proclamation of the gospel, and lives that were forever changed.

as observers watched the Holy Spirit at work, wonder and amazement were expected responses.

so where is our wonder and amazement? do non-believers look at the church, and have this same response?


many of us do indeed live in and attract this kind of wonder. we live each day enthralled in the grace, mercy, and power of a Holy God that continues to be at work in and around us.

and the world indeed takes notice.

but some of us have grown complacent, not expecting much from God, and appropriately not seeing much to be amazed about.

and the world takes notice.

may we approach this scripture not as a long-ago event, but a reality that this same God lives and dwells within us. may we praise God as this beggar who had touched the eternal. Our salvation is no less amazing.


~ jason soroski