and all the people saw him walking and praising God, [acts 3:9]



there is so much to love in this short verse.

it contains the evidence of complacency turned to action.

of heartache turned to joy.

of defeat turned to hope.

of incredulity turned to belief.

of functionless legs turned to walking effortlessly.


we read earlier in acts 3 that this man was placed at the entrance to the temple every day. he depended on the generosity of others to simply get through to the next day.

and the next day.

and the next.

surely many people saw him there, avoided making eye contact, and just continued on their way.


had this man ever imagined that he could be healed? that he could stand up and walk around? it is safe to assume that he had grown to accept his situation. he just asked for some money so that he could get enough to eat for the day. he could not have expected that this day would be any different.

the day that had begun in the usual routine had led to a day of the miraculous. he would never, ever, be the same again. neither would the world around him, for his story continues to inspire us today.

like this beggar, i too am in need of healing. i can walk around just fine, but i need God to heal my tendency to respond in anger. i need God to heal broken relationships. i need his grace and mercy to lead me in my decisions.

i must strive to live a life devoted to praise for His glorious salvation, and trusting him to heal in ways far beyond what I could ask or imagine. because he is faithful, and can surely do it.


~ jason soroski