and he took him by the right hand and raised him up, and immediately his feet and ankles were made strong. [acts 3:7]


the name of Jesus Christ and the power of the Spirit of God takes what is weak and makes it strong.


do you believe that God actually works through your weaknesses to show his power? or are you trying to hide or overcome your own weaknesses so that you are perceived as strong? or perhaps deep down you are living like God can only show his power through already powerful people, so you’ve given up on God using you. here are a few things that may help you to evaluate…

  • do i defend myself when my weaknesses are exposed?
  • when my weaknesses are brought to light, do i punish myself?
  • am i surprised at myself when i fail?
  • am i quick to confess my weaknesses if they will help others grow?
  • am i disappointed in the failures of others?
  • do i surround myself with people who i think are weaker than myself?
  • am i confident in Christ’s righteous record as my own?
  • do i like to think i have all the answers?
  • when i fail, do i quit trying?
  • do i believe my weaknesses will never be overcome?


whichever of these you relate to (i relate to several!), God has truth for us today:

  1. you are weak – you fall short of God’s glory [rom 3:23], and even when your spirit is willing to obey God’s commands, your flesh is weak [matt 26:41]. apart from the power of Jesus you can do nothing. [john 15:5] in and of yourself, even your good deeds are like a polluted garment or a filthy rag. [isa 64:6] apart from God, no one does good. no one seeks God. [rom 3:11-18]
  2. Jesus Christ became weak – Jesus was beset with weakness when he willingly came to earth as human. [heb 5:2] Jesus in the flesh faced every temptation that you face, yet never sinned. [heb 4:14] Jesus was crucified in weakness. [2 cor 13:4] Christ overcame weakness by his authority over death, as he proved when he arose from the grave! [rev 1:18]
  3. God is with you in your weakness – giving you grace. [2 cor 12:9] delivering you. [psalm 34:17-20] supplying every need. [phil 4:19] helping you pray. [rom 8:26] casting out fear. [1 john 4:18] blessing you. [matt 5] giving you a Spirit of power, love, and self-control. [2 tim 1:7] helping you through temptation. [1 cor 10:13] satisfying you. [psalm 73:26] 
  4. God uses the weak – he uses the weak to shame the strong, and the foolish to shame the wise [1 cor 1:27] he will open doors for his faithful ones that no one else can shut. [rev 3:8] he uses weak prophets to speak his word. [heb 11:37] he uses poor speakers to be great leaders. [ex 4:10-12] he uses little boys to slay giants. [1 sam 17] he uses donkeys to shame stubborn men. [num 22] he uses a teenage girl to bear the Son of God! [luke 1-2] when you rid yourself of the facade of your own power, he will do great things!
  5. God’s power shines through your weakness – his power is made perfect in your weakness. [2 cor 12:9] our weakness shows that the surpassing power in us is from God and not from us. [2 cor 4:7] his power is beyond what we can even imagine or comprehend, the power of our flesh is no match! [eph 3:20] his power of his salvation has brought his people faithfully through hundreds of years of trials and tribulations despite their inability to be faithful to him. he gets all the glory. [heb 11]
  6. you can boast in your weaknesses – so that the power of Christ may rest on you. [2 cor 12:9] so that you can be content with God’s strength. [2 cor 12:10] so that we can boast in the power of God! [psalm 34] so that God gets all the glory! [1 chron 16:28-29]


Father, forgive me for trying to strive to live for you in my own strength. i am weak. you are strong. you are God. i am not. thank you for showing your abundant power through my weakness. help me to see my weakness. help me to cling to power of Christ. help me to boast in you alone. i ask it in the powerful name of Jesus, amen.


~ arwen eastman