when the day of pentecost arrived, they were all together in one place. [acts 2:1]


all together


all together, truly united in the person of Jesus, reveals many things about our God:

his power at work in us,

his humility rooting out pride in us,

his hope dispelling hopelessness in us,

his love defeating selfishness in us,

his holiness calling us to die to sin in us,

and more.


i believe it was a miracle that they were 1) all together, 2) in one place, 3) waiting on the LORD.

so many miracles God was doing in this moment.

but let’s focus on this “together” thought to hone in on in prayer.


let’s ask the LORD to do a few things by the power of his Spirit today:

  1. let’s ask him to keep this verse and specifically this phrase – “all together” – in our heart and mind all day. meditate on it. think on it. keep it on your thoughts and prayers all day.
  2. let’s ask him to speak into this phrase all day. what does it meant to be “all together?” what is the cost? where do i need to lean into Jesus atoning work and the Spirit’s power to live this out or even believe this is possible.
  3. finally, let’s ask him to work this truth out in our lives today with and through other believers in his body. who do you need to text to encourage, to build up, to pray for? who do you need to call? who do you need to meet with to seek reconciliation?



help us believe that “all together” in Christ is possible. help us think on this truth all day – as you speak into this truth all day. show us how and where we must lean into you. and LORD – empower us to walk in obedience as you call us to action so “all together” becomes a reality of your body and not just a idea!

in Jesus name – amen!



~ john ryan