and when he had said these things, as they were looking on, he was lifted up, and a cloud took him out of their sight. [acts 1:9]


Jesus left


before Jesus could return, he had to leave.

before Jesus could resurrect, he had to die.

before Jesus could die, he had to live.

before Jesus could live, he had to come.

before Jesus could come, he had to leave.


there is a symmetry to the redemptive work of Jesus.

his work on this earth, began with him leaving heaven. Jesus had to leave his home in eternity where he had only known the love and joy of the Father and Spirit as one. Jesus had to leave.

in fullness, the redemptive work of our triune-God began in eternity past when God the Father, God the Son, and the God Spirit – chose to redeem the world before he chose to create the world. [eph 1:4]  this choice, led our savior to leave. this this love, this desire, this will to redeem and restore what sin would break – meant he had to leave heaven.

Jesus came into the world. he was born into human flesh, fully God, yet fully man. he lived a normal, yet powerful life. he lived a perfectly obedient life to God – sinless in thought and actions. he then died under the judgement of his Father for the sin of the world. his brutal death satisfied God’s holy justice against rebellious sin. he then resurrected from the dead  – victorious over sin and death. but his work was not over.


Jesus left

Jesus’ death and resurrection would not have completed the redemptive work of God without his leaving – without his ascending to heaven.



because if Jesus did not leave, the Spirit would not have come to restore God’s presence to his own.

the whole point of God’s redemptive work, was to restore his presence to his own.


Jesus came.

Jesus lived.

Jesus died.

Jesus resurrected.

Jesus left, so …

the Spirit could come and restore God’s presence to his own.

the Spirit came to restore God’s presence … to you.


today –

Lord, help me live aware to your presence restored in me by the work of Jesus! help me live aware and submitted to his life in me. help me live aware, submitted, and empowered by your presence. yes Lord!



~ john ryan