he is like a tree 

planted by streams of water 

that yields its fruit in its season, 

and its leaf does not wither. 

in all that he does, he prospers.

[psalm 1:3]


when we “delight” in the words of our LORD as psalm 1:1 says, there is promise the LORD himself fulfills.


“delight” – means to be fully satisfied in, to be our joy.

when we are fully satisfied in the words of the LORD, when our greatest joy is the LORD and his words – he promises to produce “fruit” in and through our lives. and, this word of the LORD has a couple of things that come with this promise of fruit.

first, the fruit will come by the LORD’s power – (like a tree planted by streams of water). the tree is the means of the fruit, but the water, soil, sun, and more make the fruit happen. in this scene, we are the tree and the LORD is the water, sun, soil, and more. that means we don’t produce fruit at all

second, the fruit will come in the LORD’s timing – (in its season). that means that we don’t produce the when of the fruit. it may come quickly or over years, but the LORD’s promise is to produce fruit.

third, the fruit will continue by the LORD’S presence – (in all that he does, he prospers). the LORD as the water, sun, soil, and more – will continue to produce fruit in us. that means our lives will continue to change – bear fruit.


all this fruit hinges on one thing – “delighting” ourself in the LORD and his words.

question: what is your greatest delight right now? is it your family, your job, your house, your new relationship, your last success – or is it the words of the LORD? without delight in him – our lives will seek satisfaction in everything but the LORD and we will bear no fruit.


what is your greatest delight?

if it is the LORD and his words, rejoice and ask the LORD to continue to grow your delight in him.

if it is not – confess this now to the LORD and ask him to give you a growing delight in his words and in him.


~ john ryan