“so do not fear; i will provide for you and your little ones.” thus he comforted them and spoke kindly to them. [genesis 50:21]
the Lord’s presence brings forgiveness
Jesus said he who is forgiven little loves little, [but he who is forgiven much loves much]. on our side of the cross, we know just how dearly the price of our sins was paid, and so recognition of that should drive us to forgive as Christ forgave us. but joseph lived on the other side of the cross! we see here that, though we change, God does not. his presence has always been working to restore that which is broken, and to bring sinners to repentance and forgiveness. we see the fruit of that with joseph here. the Spirit has been with joseph, and he is now reflecting the character of God!
Lord, teach us to forgive radically like joseph. You can do in us what you did in him! we believe; help us in our unbelief.
~stephen hall