as for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today. [genesis 50:20]


i will be the first to admit that lately i have been of God, but i have not been dwelling in God.

i talk about God, i think about godly things, i study hard with a checklist mentality, but i really haven’t enjoyed or worshipped God. if you are anything like me in this season, i invite you to slow down.

take a big breath in, and out. be still and know that he is God. the God of abraham, isaac, jacob, and joseph is the same God today.

we are going to worship God through the acts prayer- adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication. read through the prompts, be still with the Lord, go off-script… it’s up to the Holy Spirit’s leading. let’s enjoy this good God today before we rush off to do all the things.


Adoration- take time to adore God.

consider joseph’s story, and how God orchestrated every detail. praise God for his perfect timing.

  • where have you seen God’s perfect timing in your life?

  • where have you seen God’s redemption in a terrible situation- in the bible and in your life?

father, i praise you for knowing all things. i praise you for how you know what is coming next, for you are never surprised. you are a good God. we praise you for being living God.


Confession- take time to confess (acknowledge) and repent (turn to Christ) for your sin.

if you need guidance, pray about answers to these questions:

  • what about this verse is hard to believe?

  • are you feeling hopeless? from where does that hopelessness originate?

  • in what areas are you choosing death instead of life?

father God, i confess that i don’t always believe that you desire life for us. forgive me for when i doubt your goodness. Holy Spirit, remind me please of your goodness. i get so bogged down by the weight of the brokenness around me that i start to feel hopeless and think that you are apathetic. i so quickly forget that you have a deeper purpose beyond what i can see right now. i am consumed with my own understanding, but i neglect to look to you- the God who redeemed joseph’s life from the pit. please forgive me, and equip me to lean on Jesus in this.


Thanksgiving- thank God- he does not leave us in our sin!

let’s spend some time thanking God for how good He is. what in this verse causes you to thank God?

  • thank him for his heart that yearns for redemption.

  • thank him for how evil has no eternal hold on you anymore.

  • thank him for infusing purpose into your suffering.

  • thank him that he never leaves you alone.

Lord, thank you for longing to see your people’s hearts redeemed. thank you for wanting to dwell with us in eternity and making that possible through your son. you never leave us nor forsake us, and i thank you for the assurance of your presence. thank you that i never have to suffer alone, for your rod and staff continue to discipline me, but guide and comfort me, too.


Supplication- we need God’s help! let’s ask him and seek him!

  • ask God for help to believe the truth of this verse.

  • beg God for eyes to see the goodness of God and eternity with him when we are faced with stressors/problems on this earth.

  • ask God to strengthen our hearts to somehow praise Him during our suffering.

God, you use all things for your glory and for the good of those who love you. please help us to grasp that thanking you and repenting to you are good things for us. father, i beg you to strengthen my heart, the hearts of believers at matthias, and the hearts of believers around the world to continue to praise your name when we face evil… not out of a manufactured obedience, but out of a truly grateful and renewed heart posture. thank you that your purposes are rooted in your goodness. amen.

before you rush off, take one more deep breath. wait on him today, and look for his faithful goodness in the midst of broken, earthly evil. today belongs to God- the God who yearns for life, not death.

~ jm