and moses said to the people, “fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will work for you today. for the egyptians whom you see today, you shall never see again. the Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.” [exodus 14:13-14]


as we study the God of Joseph, his steadfast love toward his chosen and broken people, most of us know what’s ahead. slavery, a great exodus from egypt, the constant complaining of God’s people because they had all but forgotten who God was and doubted that they really belonged to him or that he was able to uphold them by his power. as he led them through the wilderness, they constantly doubted their obedience, wishing they had stayed in egypt. God said “move,” but they reluctantly did so. so here we have moses telling reminding them of God’s might. reminding them to stop complaining and trust their Almighty God.


as we look at jacob and how he took a great step of faith, uprooting his entire family, cross-country to a foreign land, how God spoke to him in the night promising to be with him and to make the long trek successful, how he was assured that he would see joseph who would be with him on the day of his death, we think, “how could this nation forget so quickly the faithful promises of God and his powerful right hand that stayed their path?

but when i think back on the events of my own life, i see that i am so much more like the israel of moses’ time. doubting God’s goodness, doubting his capable hands, doubting that his way is best, doubting that he will be with me. i have so many times taken a situation into my own hands, thinking that if i can have control, i will have my desired outcome. but this is not the way of the Lord. 

  • his sovereign hand holds all things together. [col 1:17] 


  • my every step is planned out and guided by him. [psalm 27:33] 


  • i have nothing to fear because his plan can never be thwarted. [ephesians 1:11] 


  • he promises that he will be with me. [isaiah 41:10]


we can confidently walk in obedience to our Father in heaven because he is faithful and sure, strong and powerful, full of knowledge and wisdom. he will never fail. so in our obedience, we can never fail. we can trust our mighty God!


look at his word today. what is he calling you to do? do you trust his outcome? do you desire control? today, are you able to obey and be silent, and let the Lord fight for you?


~ arwen eastman