let the one who is taught the word share all good things with the one who teaches. [galatians 6:6]


the eternal truth of God’s word is different than even the most powerful quotes we see on social media.


powerful quotes – move us, but they are always relative to culture or age or life experience, etc.  in other words, they aren’t always completely true for every situation. they are relative to culture, age, life experience, etc.

eternal truth(s) from God’s word is always true and never subject to culture or age or life experience, etc.


here is an eternal truth from God’s word: we are called to share from the Lord’s goodness with those who are teaching and caring for us.


now let’s ask the Lord to apply this truth with some actions.

  1. encourage.  let them know how God has used them to bear good fruit in you and others. speak the courage of the Lord into them with the life giving goodness of the gospel. they need the gospel they are teaching just like you!
  2. serve.  ask the Lord how you can serve them and their family. i know the Lord will give you all sorts of practical and creative and good ways to serve them if you ask.
  3. give.  in some sense, this is a reference to our tithes and offerings which provide for those shepherds which the body takes care of financially. do you give regularly to a local body – this or another – to provide for those shepherds who regularly teach and care for you? we are called to this this aspect of sharing.
  4. love.  ask the Lord how you can express and show his love to them through you. get your friends and family involved if they are under their teaching and care as well. ask – he will show!
  5. ask the Lord to increase your generosity with your life – which is his by Christ’s bloodyour life, your stuff, your time, your love, your everything – inside you and outside you – is not your own. it all belongs to the Lord. and, it is so much easier to be generous with other people’s stuff isn’t it! so, ask the Lord to make you generous with you – which is his. ask him!

you are not your own, for you were bought with a price. [1 cor 6:19b-20]


finally, i believe this truth applies to all who teach and care for you. in our context this is lot family leaders, disciplers, ministry leaders, staff, pastors, and more. God has provided so many who teach and care for us here.


here is the question(s) to ponder all day:

how can i and how will i share from the Lord’s goodness with those who are teaching and caring for me?


~ john ryan