brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted. [galatians 6:1]


we are the body of Christ. [1 cor 12:27]


as the body, we are called to many things as far as living in community together. we are to encourage one another in Christ. we are to build up the church in Christ, in pointing one another to his character, in exhorting one another daily with his word. [heb 3:13] we are to use our spiritual gifts to serve one another, to outdo one another in honor. [rom 12:10] and so many other ways we can share in the joy of Christ together. but when it comes to calling out sin in humility, and restoring one another in a spirit of gentleness, how are we doing as the body of Christ? here are some questions we can ask ourselves as we enter into time with the Lord today.


who have i restored [urged to step back into the light] recently? 

  • how did that go? 
  • what was my desire in approaching them? 
  • was i gentle? 
  • was i firm in the truth or did i waiver?
  • did this act fill me with humility or pride?


if you can’t think of anyone you’ve recently helped to restore, why? 

  • am i pursuing anyone in the body with the intention of building them up in Christ?
  • am i personally seeking to know Christ more and desire the same for others?
  • am i walking in the spirit, qualifying me to be a part of this restoration?
  • what is my desire in being a part of the body of Christ?


who has restored me [urged me to step back into the light] recently?

  • how did i react?
  • was i defensive in my thoughts or attitude or did i consider their words?
  • did it create a greater bond or distance in the relationship?


if you can’t think of anyone [recently!] who has helped to restore you, why?

  • does anyone know me well enough to point out weak areas that i may not see?
  • have i given anyone permission to do this regularly?
  • am i approachable or humble enough to receive correction?
  • do i demonstrate through confession that i want to grow in Christ?


these reflections are so convicting to me, because whether restoring a brother or receiving this restoration by a brother, to participate in the body in this way requires so much love, humility, and submission to the Spirit. so as we sit in his presence today, let’s ask for this fruit and seek to build each other up in the ministry of reconciliation for the unity of God’s children and to the glory of God’s grace!


~ arwen eastman