and if you are Christ’s, then you are abraham’s offspring, heirs according to promise. [galatians 3:29]


since becoming abraham’s family happens according to promise, it does not happen by law. it is God’s act of grace received by faith (moody bible commentary). to emphasize, God’s act of grace allows us to believe in him.

commentaries aside, what does this reveal to us about the character of God?


here are the top 5 attributes of God that stand out in this passage:

  • personal- we “are” Christ’s. this signifies that he wants to have a relational bond with us- with you. God claims us as his own and welcomes us into his kingdom!
  • intentional- God continually seeks relationship with his children so that they may worship him followed by an eternity with him. what other Gods promise this??
  • selfless- what is he to gain by letting us into his kingdom?
  • resolute- he knows who truly believes and who does not. either you are in him, or you are not.
  • love- this one may sound like a church-y answer but take a minute to really think about the amount of love he must have for us to call us to abide in him. we cannot fully comprehend his love which is part of his beauty.


what attributes of God do you see in this passage that are not listed?

challenge: spend at least 5 minutes in silence with him. put away distractions and seek his presence. you can pray through this time if you’d like. if you do not know where to start. start there. God knows where you are at. he will meet you wherever you are!


~ angela younger