and awe came upon every soul, and many wonders and signs were being done through the apostles. [acts 2:43]

awe, according to the dictionary of google, means, “a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder.” do you remember the first time you saw the ocean? or mountains? or the last time you looked up at the massive expanse of a clear night sky? or being caught outside in a giant thunderstorm? all of these things make you stop and say, “wow. this is incredible.” these things all bring a sense of awe.

i wonder when the last time you stopped and said, “wow, this is incredible” in relation to God? are you regularly in awe of God? one thing the believers in the early church had in common was unified reverence. this is still true of the church today. a common sense of awe unifies the church, as our eyes are together drawn to the Lord.

say to God, how awesome are your deeds!

so great is your power that your enemies come cringing to you.

all the earth worships you

and sings praises to you;

they sing praises to your name.

come and see what God has done:

he is awesome in his deeds toward the children of man. [psalm 66:3–5]

“come and see what God has done.” today, i invite you to come and see. sit in God’s presence and be reminded of the awesome deeds he has done in your life and in life around you. then, call others to come and see. let’s be a church unified around a common reverence before God and nothing else!

~ keith kozlowski