better is open rebuke than hidden love. faithful are the wounds of a friend; profuse are the kisses of an enemy. [proverbs 27:5-6]


when in sin, are you desirous of being lovingly confronted?

our “old man” will never want to be confronted. our sinful nature thrives in the shadows, quiet, and isolation. as we walk more in the Spirit and less in the flesh, our desire for loving rebuke will grow. when you hear that inner whisper, “just figure this out on your own,” or “don’t let them see!” that’s the voice of the old man!


when you see a brother or sister in sin, are you desirous of lovingly confronting?

likewise, our “old man” never desires to lovingly confront. sinful flesh will push us to either confront without love or choose the comfort of avoiding confrontation. as we walk more in the Spirit and less in the flesh, our love for others and Christ will lead us to confront sin.


we cannot will ourselves into walking in the Spirit! only God can do that, and it comes through prayer!


Lord, teach our hearts to desire Your glory more than our comfort; form us into servants who lovingly confront and desire to be confronted! grow us in our identity in Christ, where we are no longer defined by our sins or accomplishments, but by Your righteousness and what You accomplished on the cross.


~ stephen hall