only, they asked me to remember the poor, the very thing i was eager to do. [galatians 2:10]

the ease of partiality.

as paul writes about talking to those who seemed influential, and as he strategizes how to bring the gospel to the world, it is not with the wealthy, the influential, or even the righteous that paul’s eager desire us for. it is for the poor! in winning whole cities and regions for the Lord, it would be easy to think only of the influential, but the call of God is rarely easy.

when you strive, do you search for the easiest way to get God’s work done, or do you do whatever He demands, no matter the cost?

Lord, break the idols of ease and comfort in our hearts. teach us to long to follow Your leading, even when it makes no sense or it seems a lot harder! teach us to have bold, childlike faith.

~ stephen hall