to them we did not yield in submission even for a moment, so that the truth of the gospel might be preserved for you. [galatians 2:5]


yield submission preserved
used 1x in scripture used 4x in scripture used a handful of times in scripture
εἰξαμεν (aye-exi-amen) ὑποταγͅῆ (who-po-ta-gay) διαμείνͅη (dia-may-nay)
-to give way before expression of force or argument -a state of submissiveness



-recognition of one’s proper place in the structure

-to remain continually in an activity, state, or condition

-to exist (i.e., to live on)

-to continue in association with someone



paul uses the pronoun “we” to highlight the presence of barnabas, titus, and himself, “you” to represent the church in galatia, and “them” to signify the judaizers.

paul, barnabas, and titus did not cower for fear of force or argument because they recognized their proper place in the structure of the church as well as the purpose and value of the gospel in order that it may remain continuously in the congregation of galatia and to those who will come after.

paul and his team do not submit for even a moment. how is time, a moment, to be measured here? seconds? minutes? hours? days? months? years? does it matter? not really. the point is, any second away from God and toward false gospel is too much. in our instant-gratification world this is hard to understand because whenever things get tough, we have the option to do something else, to numb our discomforts. imagine if paul, barnabas, and titus ignored God’s plan for them because it was uncomfortable? we may not have the religious freedoms that we do now if they had stopped.

in a world of our version of judaizers, how can you “yield not into submission”?


~ angela younger