i went up because of a revelation and set before them (though privately before those who seemed influential) the gospel that i proclaimed among the gentiles, in order to make sure that i was not running or had not run in vain. [galatians 2:2]


in this text, we see that paul both preached boldly what God had shown him, and eventually went before the apostles to confirm that he was not preaching errantly (for preaching a false gospel is worse than not preaching at all!).


in our lives, it seems like most people either go ahead with what they believe, no matter what anybody else says, or they constantly seek everyone’s opinion in an effort to comfort themselves by trying to please everyone. but we do not have to choose between those extremes! Jesus said “what i whisper in your ear, shout from the housetops for all to hear!” but that does not mean we do not seek wise counsel to confirm what God tells us in the quiet place. faith and Godly wisdom do not have to be at odds with each other!


Lord, teach us to grow in bold, childlike faith, but also in the humility to take our revelations to those who can make sure we do not “run in vain” towards bad doctrine or mistaken direction.


~ stephen hall