for you have heard of my former life in judaism, how i persecuted the church of God violently and tried to destroy it. [galatians 1:13]


what were you like in your former life?


how did you make an idol of comfort, or control? did you lust for power, or approval? if your testimony makes it hard to remember your “former life,” how do you see your flesh waging war against the Spirit now? are you driven to laziness, to pride, anger, or people-pleasing? God can make those things a part of your “former life” now! there is no sin that is too great for the Holy Spirit to overcome! if you have been saved by faith in Christ, your identity comes not from the good you do or the sin you commit, or even the sin you avoid. your identity, your value, your righteousness is hidden in Christ! no sin, no error, no temptation from the enemy can take that from you.


Lord, let this reality lead us to a peace-filled, consistently repentant life! teach us to hide our identity and value in you, and help us to see how you are calling us to more consistent repentance.


~ stephen hall