i hate and abhor falsehood, but i love your law. [psalm 119:163]


today, let’s pray into this verse.


begin with a few moments of asking God to remind you that he is with you because of and through the work of Christ. his presence is with you, in you!  –  in him you also, when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation, and believed in him, were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit, [eph 1:13]


ask the Lord to make true what he says in his word in you …

(aside: we can ask for the truth of this passage because this truth is repeated throughout his word as a desire he has for his people. deut 1:12; ps 119:47-48, 97, 113,127,140, 159, 167; luke 11:28; john 8:31-32; john 14:15, john 14:21; john 15:10; 1 john 2:5; 1 john 3:18-24; 1 john 5:3)


i hate and abhor falsehood,

Lord, falsehood is against your word, your law. [ex 20:16] it defames your name, because you are Truth. you hate and abhor falsehood because the enemy uses it to deceive your people and lead them astray from you. [john 8:44] you hate and abhor falsehood because it brings death to our lives. Lord, help me today to begin to hate and abhor falsehood for the reasons you do, in the way you do.


but i love your law.

Lord, your law, your word is the embodiment of your ways and your character. Jesus is the word [john 1:1], the very being and essence of your word. help me today, to grow in a love for your law, your word, your truth – because in loving your law, i love Jesus, i love you! yes, Lord, help grow a deepening love and voracious hunger for your word.


in Jesus name,



~ john ryan