at midnight i rise to praise you, because of your righteous rules.  [psalm 119:62]


have you ever been awakened at night, only to lie there, unable to sleep?  do you fret with anxiety, churning over the previous day–or worrying about the next? do you get into the cycle that i do–”what if i cannot sleep–i will be worthless tomorrow–and what if i cannot sleep tomorrow night, or the next?” 


maybe God is calling you to himself in the darkness of the night. God knowing that what you need is him, and his righteous rules, may be blessing you by shaking you to rise from your slumber in order that you may be able to praise him, that you might be in his presence when the house is quiet, free from the busyness of the day.

don’t miss this opportunity. Jesus spent many sleepless nights, crying out to his Father. so did paul. 

if you find yourself awake at midnight…the blessing of a sleepless night, alone and communing with your Father, meditating on his Word may be exactly what you need. 


o Abba, Father,

i know that you often find me spiritually asleep. awake me from my laziness, my slumber, my rest. brush the sleep away from my eyes, quicken my heart and let my lips praise you, in the day and in the night.  at midnight and at noontime, let me proclaim Christ crucified, risen and reigning! 



~conor eastman