for i find my delight in your commandments, which i love. [psalm 119:47]


what delights you? there are so many things on this earth and in our lives that are good, that can bring delight to our hearts. walking on a beautiful morning, hearing your kids laugh, tasting something out of your garden. but these things are conditional and temporary. the beautiful morning can turn hot and no longer be delightful. your laughing child can start to cry and no longer be delightful. and that curly green kale can deliver a juicy, green caterpillar, and no longer be delightful. our true delight cannot be dependent on anything that is not steadfast.

this verse begins with the word “for”, which means we need to read it in light of the previous verse.

i will also speak of your testimonies before kings 

and shall not be put to shame. [psalm 119:46]


how can the psalmist know that he will not be put to shame when he speaks of God’s testimonies before kings? because his delight is found in something more steadfast than the reaction of those kings! his delight is in the steadfastness of God’s glory in his word. when our delight is anchored in the truth of the gospel, our delight is immovable. 

how do we cultivate a delight in the commandments of God? we consume them. we daily read through, pray through, meditate on, memorize, worship over, the perfect word of God. in it, we find life, because in it, we find the steadfast love of God toward us!

the delight may not come immediately. as accustomed as we are to immediate results, this is something that is cultivated over time and consistency, so we press on to know the Lord [hosea 6:3]. and God is faithful. he promises his word to be effective.

so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth;

    it shall not return to me empty,

but it shall accomplish that which I purpose,

    and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it. [isaiah 55:11]


so as we develop rhythms centered around consuming God’s word, he will develop this delight in his word. it is his promise to us! trust it! if you don’t know where to start, or how to seek him in his word, ask someone. no believer is going to look down on you for wanting to know more of God’s word. so be bold and ask, and start seeking Him!


~ arwen eastman