i call to you; save me, that i may observe your testimonies. [psalm 119:146]


why does God give us trials? why do we experience suffering in this life?  in my life, right now i am experiencing some stress as i go through a major life transition.  i want to be in control, i want the discomfort to end right now.

but that is not what God has for me right now–i know why i am experiencing this–so that i might cry out to him. so that  i might observe his testimonies and know him a sovereign God who cares for me!




save me.

save me from my anxiety.

save me from my anger.

save me from my impatience.

save me from my desire to be entertained.

save me from my insecurities.

save me from the cares of the world.

save me from the stress of my job situation.

save me from my pride.

save me from a lack of compassion.

save me from my love of things.

save me from my need for approval.

save me from my desire to seek anything but you, to call on anything else but you for relief,  to go anywhere else but to your testimonies.

i call to you.

save me.




~ conor eastman