[41] let your steadfast love come to me, o Lord, your salvation according to your promise; [42] then shall i have an answer for him who taunts me, for i trust in your word. [psalm 119:41-42]


LORD, hear our prayer.


embed us in your love. we long, we need, we plead for your steadfast, covenant love to grow in us, meet us, heal us, build us, transform us. let your steadfast love come to us, o LORD!

you promise your covenant love to those who are yours, who you have been saved by your work. by your word, by your oath – pour out your love so we taste and see that your love is good, that you are good. satisfy us in you alone, and please LORD, increase our hunger for your love.


from your love, fill our heart and mind with truth and hope to confront our accuser.

when the enemy calls me guilty – you call me righteous. [2 cor 5:21]

when the enemy heaps shame – you say i am without condemnation. [rom 8:1]

when the enemy says i am a fraud – you say i am a loved son/daughter. [1 jn 3:1]

when the enemy says i am not loved – you say nothing can separate me from your love. [rom 8:31-39]

may my heart be full of your truth, your hope, from your word. i trust in your word!


yes LORD, fill us with your love and shut the mouth of the accuser!

in Jesus name – amen!


~ john ryan