make me understand the way of your precepts, and i will meditate on your wondrous works. [psalm 119:27]


when i read scripture, i am constantly in awe of God as the first mover to all our interactions with him. 


he created us, we were made in his image. [genesis 1:27, ephesians 2:10, psalm 139:10]

he sustains the universe by the word. [hebrews 1:3]

he does all things for his name’s sake. [isaiah 48:11, psalm 79:9]

he purchased us by the blood of Christ. [1 corinthians 6:20]

he called us from the domain of darkness into the light. [1 peter 2:9]

he comforts us. [john 16:33]

he sings over us. [zephaniah 3:17]

he cares for us. [1 peter 5:7]

he chose us in him from the foundation of the world. [ephesians 1:4]

he waits to be gracious to us. [isaiah 30:18]

he calls to us, and will not cast us out. [john 6:37, john 6:44]


and this is an incredibly abbreviated list! the psalmist here is not commanding God “…make me…” but praying for and affirming that God creates, causes, initiates and wills us our understanding.  when we get understanding and see God’s wondrous works, we cannot help but be captivated by the God who does them!  we will not be able to stop meditating on Christ!



there is so much to meditate on that is not holy. so much that captures my thoughts that is not Christ. make me know you, trust you, understand your ways. i cannot do this in my power, i must be made to understand.  thank you for your precious Son that you sent to purchase me and love me from the foundation of the world, your Son who called me out of darkness into the light. 



~conor eastman