therefore i love your commandments above gold, above fine gold. [psalm 119:127]


when it is time for the Lord to act [vs 126], where will your allegiance be found? the Lord will act, because his law has been broken. the psalmist knows the consequences of being found among those who desire satisfaction in the world, among those who spurn the ways of the Almighty. and he is confessing to the Lord that his commandments are most highly to be desired. he knows it with his mind, so he is confessing it to the Lord, and he is preaching it to his own heart.

as we approach a most holy season, we are going to be faced with this same test. we will be thrust into the midst of temptation to be satisfied in material things, temptation to be satisfied setting our eyes on worthless things, temptation to be satisfied in worthless conversation, satisfied in the reactions of others receiving our gifts, satisfied with the intimacy of family instead of intimacy with our King, satisfied with sliding into old habits, old family roles, old attitudes, old bitterness or unforgiveness.


and it will be clear where our allegiance lies.


so today, in the presence of our jealous and loving God, let’s ask him to prepare our hearts for this test, because the Lord is going to act! ask for intimate time with him to continue, then make a plan to carry it out. ask for soft hearts toward family, then confess any bitterness or unforgiveness. ask for boldness to proclaim God’s excellencies in your life, then think over the last year, and all the goodness you’ve received from the Lord, so that you’re ready to share it. ask for your eyes to be fixed on the Author of your salvation, then talk through rejecting worthless things that might be set in your path with someone who will hold you accountable.

the presence of God IS above fine gold. let’s ask for belief in this truth, and let’s plan ahead to walk in step with the Spirit who lives in us!


~arwen eastman