i will meditate on your precepts and fix my eyes on your ways. [psalm 119:15]


question: is it our eyes that determine the longings of our heart? or, is it our heart that determines what our eyes long for? great question.

what is God telling us here in verse 15?

meditate …

on your precepts …

fix my eyes …

on your ways.


take a moment, a long moment if you can. ask the LORD. seek him. seek his heart.

what drives where our eyes long to get fixed?

what drives what our heart longs for?

how do i fix my heart and eyes on the LORD?


may this be our prayer today, as we wait on the LORD – and ask him to direct our heart and our eyes toward him.


LORD, i long for you to be the consuming vision of my heart. i long for you to color everything i see. i long for you to inform, to give worth, to give truth, to give light to everything i see. LORD, i long for my heart to be consumed with you. that my heart would turn my eyes from worthless things and turn them to things of you. turn them to your word, to pray, to your truth, to your sons and daughters, to those in need, to those hurting, to those rejoicing, – to those you long to encounter through me. LORD, i long for you to fill my every thought and vision today. that sounds like a huge ask – but LORD i know this is your desire. please LORD, make it so. in Jesus name – amen!


~ john ryan