blessed are you, o Lord; teach me your statutes! with my lips i declare all the rules of your mouth. [psalm 119:12-13]


blessed means happy. and God is not only happy but the standard for and the definition of eternal and ultimate happiness. the psalmist knows this and is begging for it out of a longing heart. he knows that he’s going to find it in the statutes of the Lord, the very word of God!

as we sit in God’s presence, drinking in God’s word, and we taste this happiness and eternal satisfaction in the glory of God, it creates in us an overflow of praise to the world around us. it creates the urge to proclaim his excellencies to those who still walk in darkness and to those who are already walking in the light. the rules of the Lord are beautiful to those who have tasted the pleasures of his presence, and a beautiful aroma to those who are being called. [2 cor 2:15-17]

today, as you come into the throne room of grace, ask the Lord to stir your passion for his glory. beg for his statutes the way the psalmist does, knowing that in them are found the blessing of God himself. ask to be filled with this blessing in Christ, through the Holy Spirit, so that you can be a blessing to all those around you today. then be sent. a son or daughter of the Most High God, with a message of eternal joy found only in him!


~arwen eastman