your testimonies are my heritage forever, for they are the joy of my heart. [psalm 119:11]


in the old testament, as a hebrew, a man’s heritage was a very big deal. especially for a first born, all the wealth, business, land, status, and education was handed down as a heritage. the better off your parents were, the bigger the heritage. unlike today, it was very difficult to become something from nothing. so a man would hope in a heritage that would sustain his family and carry on his name.

this is the way the psalmist views the word of God! as his heritage, he is placing the testimonies, or the words of God, higher than wealth, business, land, status, and education. they are what he has to live on. they are the joy of his heart, his hope, and his identity.

today, in the presence of our generous Father, who promises us this same heritage, let’s ask for a heart that overflows with joy in his word. his testimonies tell us who he is, his very nature, which is our all satisfying promise as his children. thank him for who he is, and for sharing himself with us! he doesn’t hide his face! rejoice!


~arwen eastman