i am reminded of your sincere faith, a faith that dwelt first in your grandmother lois and your mother eunice and now, I am sure, dwells in you as well. [2 timothy 1:5]

faith that is sincere only comes from God. but it seems God often uses people, specific people to impact our faith in Jesus Christ. for timothy it was his grandmother and mother … and paul. for sure there were many more, but it seems God used these three to help initiate and grow his faith. question: who is “lois”, “eunice”, or “paul” in your life?

for many of us, there is an immediate response. “oh, it is _________.” there is a clear person or persons we can point to who God used to initiate and, or is using to grow our faith in Jesus Christ. for others, you may have to think for a minute, but i believe the Spirit will bring someone to mind that God has used to initiate or grow a “sincere faith” in you. i want you to spend the next few minutes celebrating and thanking God for this person(s). when you are finished write them a text or email. or if you can, call them and tell them what you just did and the things that came to your mind. if they are not alive, share these things with another person today. celebrate what God has done and be thankful with another. it will encourage you and others. after you finish – come back and read what’s left of this post…

what a gift! what an incredible legacy God has passed to you through this person(s). however, i believe God does not want this gift to terminate on you. no! he longs for this legacy to continue and be passed onto many. for some, you can say, “there is someone or a few i am being used by God to help begin or grow their faith in Jesus.” what a privilege! for others, you have not enjoyed this part of your discipleship … yet. for you see disciples are made – not just to receive and grow as a disciple. they are also made to make disciples of Jesus. it’s not too late for God to begin this work thru you! God has so many who are longing to grow and even more who are waiting to be told about Jesus. will you join God in his redemption work and continue the legacy that has been passed down to you?

one day, someone will say, “___________, helped me really grow a “sincere faith”. she was my lois / he was my paul.” one day begins with every day – abiding in the presence of God. as the presence of God becomes our treasure – God will give us plenty of opportunities to invite others into his presence and teach them how to abide in his presence. we began this time with thanksgiving. let’s end this time with petition – asking God to use us or continue to use us to pass on his legacy of faith in Jesus Christ to another. together, let’s ask him now!