you have commanded your precepts to be kept diligently. [ps 119:4]


take a moment to begin this time with the LORD by reminding your soul that the LORD is with you. please, pause, and acknowledge your access by Jesus’ blood. accept your invitation by God himself. in the throne room of your heart, where God resides, go all the way in. he is with you. spend a few moments in these truths as you acknowledge the LORD’s presence and ask him to nourish you through his word.


now. read the word again. what do you notice…


this is a command.

this is a command that his words given to you, must be kept, studied, treasured, gazed upon, and mined for how they point us toward his character, his power, his beauty, his ways.

this is a command that his words given to you must be kept diligently – with consistency, with your whole heart.

these words are to be “kept diligently” – why? ask the LORD to show you the why as you walk through this day. let him speak to all the beautiful and nourishing reasons your good Father commands you to keep his words diligently. ask him, and i think he will fill your soul with all sorts of reasons that will cause you to see his love, his care, his desire for you to know his joy.


today LORD, fill me with your Spirit to walk diligently in the ways of your words. let my whole heart long for you – to follow your words, to keep your ways. and as you empower me to walk with you, let me know the joy of your presence and the joy of obedience. in Jesus’ beautiful and powerful name – amen!


~ john ryan