through your precepts i get understanding; therefore i hate every false way. [psalm 119:104]


there are countless resources we can go to today for wisdom. we have at our fingertips self help books, how-to articles, counselors, anyone’s opinion on any given topic, news articles. but if their message is not the same message proclaimed by God himself, they are false.


God is the standard of truth, and God himself always speaks and does what is true. therefore he is ultimately wise because he contains every single truth there is. when we go to his Word, we can be sure to gain wisdom. when we listen to the Holy Spirit (who never speaks contrary to anything in God’s Word), we will be sure to be acting in wisdom. when we proclaim the gospel to the world around us, we know we are giving true wisdom to those who desperately need it.

we should always be growing in wisdom as the body of Christ. wisdom is for every believer, and so every believer in the body has their part to play in seeking and discerning truth. paul says of the church, if one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together. [1 cor 12:26] so as the body of Christ, how are we doing in the area of wisdom? here are some questions for each of us to ask ourselves and bring before the Lord.


so how much Godly wisdom do i expose myself to daily? how can i get more?

how much worldly wisdom do i expose myself to daily?  how can i lessen it?

how am i doing at holding each worldly exposure up to the lens of God’s Word to see if it contains truth or if it is a false way? how can i practice this better?

how am i doing at hating every false way? what idols do i need to confess and repent of?

what is my part to play in encouraging true wisdom within the body? how can i exercise this more often and more fully?


Father, you are full of wisdom, and the world hates your ways. fill me with understanding. help me to love your way and reject every false way. i believe you satisfy, i believe you are true joy. help my unbelief. amen.


~arwen eastman