i understand more than the aged, for i keep your precepts. [psalm 119:100]
age grants us understanding as we make mistakes and learn from them. if we’re wiser we may even learn from seeing others make mistakes. but if we, in humble knowledge that we understand little, ask God for understanding, He can give it to us by the Spirit as we pursue Him, His work, and His word.
how often do you let fear rob you of your call to step out of your comfort zone? do you feel unqualified, not smart enough, or not trained enough?
while training and being discipled are incredibly beneficial, do not forget that the Spirit of the Lord, who knows all things, authors all things, and works all things resides in the heart of every believer. we can do all things by faith, and faith starts with coming to the Lord and saying, “i’m not enough, Lord. i can’t do this, or really anything i know you’re calling me to. even my greatest strengths have become my greatest weaknesses, as i give in to the temptation to trust in them instead of in You.”
Jesus said we would not enter the kingdom unless we come as children. i’d like to invite you to pray this prayer:
Lord, make me a child once more. cannot ever hope to near the understanding i need to be an effective servantso teach me to place the seat of my heart on Your precepts, which never change, and on Your wisdom, which i cannot fully comprehend. repent for thinking my own understanding is enough. believe Your understanding is sufficient for me, even when cannot comprehend your reason; help me in my unbelief.
~stephen hall