all your commandments are sure;

    they persecute me with falsehood; help me! [psalm 119:86]


o Lord,


let the cry of my heart be only”–help me–!”

let me live out of that cry.


when i am prideful in my accomplishments–help me!

when i am comfortable and satisfied in things other than you–help me!

when i am beset with lust, greed, arrogance–help me!

when i am persecuted by those who love falsehood–help me!

when i long for the comforts of the world–help me!

when i am suffering from anxiety and depression–help me!

when i am ashamed of what i have done and hear lies of the accuser–help me!

when i feel the sting of death and loss–help me!

when i feel unknown and lonely–help me!


o Father, help me!

o Christ, help me!

o Spirit, help me!



~conor eastman