it is good for me that i was afflicted, that i might learn your statutes. [psalm 119:71]


two phrases that people rarely put together:

it is good – that i was afflicted

may this be our prayer today: o LORD, open my eyes to see that you are good and your good comes from my affliction, my pain. o LORD, let this time right now with you be filled with your voice, with your comfort, your truth, and your love. come LORD Jesus speak, Holy Spirit open my eyes, and Father show yourself as beautiful and glorious.


now seek the LORD …

why don’t we put these two phrases together?

1) we have an unGodly, unbiblical, ungospel view of “good.” to most people “good” only means moments or things that are pleasing, pleasurable, comfortable, for my immediate satisfaction, etc. God,

in his word, through the redeeming work of the gospel defines “good” as what the LORD is and anything that he gives to us.

  • discipline from the LORD is for our good for it produces his holiness in us. [heb 12:10]
  • discipline from the LORD is for our good for it produces the fruit of righteousness in us. [heb 12:11]
  • trial and suffering in this life are good because they increase our faith in the One who is always faithful. [1 pet 1:6-7]
  • God reminds us none of us really no what good is apart from him. [ps 14:1-3]
  • there is no good apart from God who is the author of all we receive. [ps 16:2]
  • God alone is good, the author and giver of all that in him alone is good. [matt 19:17]

2) we have bought the lie from the enemy that pain is unGodly. the enemy would have us believe that all pain is a sign that God has forgotten you or is punishing you. he tempts us to reject this god who would allow or even author pain in our lives. “what kind of loving God would…” – is the whisper or shout in our ears.

in his word, God say suffering, trials, and afflictions save us and transform us.

  • suffering, the suffering of Jesus paid the way to save your soul. [1 pet 3:18]
  • suffering, the suffering of Jesus will transform your character in that of Christ’s and fill you with his hope. [rom 5:3-5]
  • suffering in us – reveals the life of Jesus through our lives. [2 cor 4:11]
  • suffering in us – readies and transforms us for eternity. [2 cor 4:17]


~ john ryan