teach me good judgment and knowledge, for i believe in your commandments. [psalm 119:66]


do you trust the LORD?

do you believe your best comfort is in him? do you believe your best hope is in him? do you believe true peace is in him? do you believe that real joy is found i him?

do you trust the LORD?


the psalmist say, he believes in God’s commandments, God’s word, God’s voice. he believes – trusts himself to the LORD and the truth in his words. and, because of this trust, he asks the LORD to be his teacher. he asks the LORD to “take him to school” and teach him good judgment and knowledge.

where do you go to get good judgment and knowledge? who do you go to? if you trust the LORD and believe his words are true – you go to the LORD for good judgment and knowledge. but if you consistently go elsewhere, you may say you trust the LORD but the functional reality of your life says – you don’t trust the LORD.

today, ask the LORD to help you believe, to help you grow in your trust of him and his words. ask him to help you believe and then ask him to “take you to school” and teach you.

his promise – he will!


O LORD, help us believe you and your words are true and that you and your words hold true life, true peace, true hope, and true joy. help me trust you LORD so i will heed your words today, so i will listen to your voice, and learn from you, the great teacher.


~ john ryan