the earth, o Lord, is full of your steadfast love; teach me your statutes! [psalm 119:64]


the Lord’s love is evident in the way he made his creation to work together – the sun and ground nourish the plants, which grow up to feed the herbivores, whose populations are kept in equilibrium by their predators. the insects know their times and seasons, preparing for winter before the frost kills off their generation. even wildfires do not upset his plan for the forests – out of the charred remains God provides pioneer species that prepare the soil for flowers and ferns, and eventually bushes and trees that bring shade to the hillsides once more.


if he did not love his creation, it would not be so.


nature has no choice but to obey: at the triumphal entry, Jesus said “if [my disciples] were silent, the very stones would cry out.” the stones and plants know their place in God’s creation, and cannot help but obey God’s will. yea, that we could say the same!

Lord, as creation obeys your ordained will that sustains it, so teach us your statutes, that we might nurture the soil around us to bring life once more to the charred ground we see around us. teach us the joy of submitting to your plan, whether that makes us the first plant breaking up the charred earth, or a beautiful tree that provides shelter for the birds against the winds and rain for years to come.

may we be a light in dark places, shelter from the scorching sun, and salt to return life’s savor to the broken-hearted.


~ stephen hall