i wish you would bear with me in a little foolishness. do bear with me! for i feel a divine jealousy for you, since i betrothed you to one husband, to present you as a pure virgin to Christ. [2 cor 11:1-2]


God is all about his own name’s sake. all about his own glory. because he is the essence of all that is. so the most loving thing he can do is make us also about his name’s sake. his own glory. he knows the essence of all that is (himself), is the only thing that will truly satisfy the soul. and so, it is what he has created us for. to glorify him and enjoy him for eternity. and he is passionate about our satisfaction in him.


we read in several scripture passages that God is a jealous God. (num 25:11-13, deut 6:15, james 4:5, etc.) this means he wants to uphold his own glory partially by making us satisfied in his glory! when we seek satisfaction in other, worldly, fleeting, fleshly passions, he is jealous to restore our satisfaction in him. this is why he disciplines the one he loves. this is why we feel broken when we sin. this is why we are pained when we stray. it is a gift from the Lord that causes us to return to him, our first love. what a gracious and merciful Father!

since we are created for God’s glory, to know it, to be satisfied in it, and to reflect it, we are also to be jealous for it as he is. if the most loving thing he can do is show us his glory, then the most loving thing we can do for others is point them to his glory. to long for others to know the satisfaction that we know in him. for others to spend time in his presence because of the sweet moments we have spent there that give us life.


question 1: do you have someone who is jealous for you to know the glory of God?

if the answer is no, i would strongly encourage you to start forming this kind of relationship. you can call it discipleship, you can call it mentoring, you can call it accountability partners, you can call it whatever you want! but for someone to be able to look at your life and help show you the parts that don’t look like Christ so that the Spirit can turn you, slowly and steadily, into a creature that more clearly reflects God’s glory, is so, so important. maybe someone comes to mind. ask them!


question 2: do you have someone for whom you are jealous to know the glory of God?

if the answer is no, i would strongly encourage you to start forming this kind of relationship! maybe it’s the same accountability partnership mentioned earlier, but maybe God is calling you to discipleship/mentorship. like marc mentioned wednesday, it’s not all fun. sometimes you get hurt. sometimes people walk away. but if you are intentionally pursuing others to point them to Christ, you will find deep satisfaction in walking in obedience in this way. the scriptures promise it will be so. maybe the Spirit is bringing someone to mind right now. the enemy will take that thought and try to make you shove it down, or deny its importance. don’t listen! take steps of obedience!


today, in the presence of your Creator, just thank him for his presence. his glorious, all satisfying presence. it is the greatest gift. ask for more of it. ask for a greater desire for more of it. if you don’t desire it, confess it! he hears you. he knows you. and he wants to give you himself.


~arwen eastman