“remind them of these things…” [2 timothy 2:14a]

oh how often and easily we forget. how many times have we all said or heard “oh i’m sorry, i forgot” or “i cant remember.” we have all forgotten things, whether it’s birthdays or anniversaries or forgetting to reply to a text or call a friend. paul, knows this and we hear this cry, this call from the holy spirit, to remember.

even as we’ve worshipped together last night and spent time together in the presence of God as a body, it’s so easy to get caught up and distracted in today. so often we become complacent and forget as we get caught up in the day-to-day busyness and cares of life… but don’t. don’t forget, hear paul crying out as he says, “remember!” remember what you’ve just heard, remember the hope you have in Christ, hold fast to it and don’t let go.

take time to sit in God’s presence and remember, remember the hope we have in the gospel. take time to actively remember the things that paul has just reminded us of, the grace that we have in Christ Jesus, his steadfastness throughout suffering and trials, his rising from the dead and our eternal hope, life forever, with him.

it’s with these things in mind that we’re to look at the rest of this chapter, and it’s with these things in mind that we’re to look at the rest of life. this is our charge and our call, to hold tightly to these unchanging truths.

it’s in the light of his goodness and mercy to us that we can trust him and trust his word. as we rest in him, we no no longer quarrel about words, and we run from irreverent babbling and words that bring death. now, we live in the light of the gospel and as we spend time in God’s presence and in his word, and our hearts are changed, when we face difficult situations and trials come our way, the word of God is what overflows out of our hearts and mouths. words full of life and hope full of the truth of the gospel.

so be still right now, be still today and rest in the presence of your Lord and Savior, dwell in his word and allow it to pierce your heart. allow his word and his truth to handle, to change and to transform your heart. then go, go forth with words full of life, with words of grace and words of truth.

oh may our lips be filled with the praises of the one who has redeemed us from darkness into his kingdom of life and hope! 

“remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead” [2 timothy 2:8]

“and you were dead in your trespasses and sins… but God, being rich in mercy… made us alive together with Christ – for by grace you have been saved…” [ephesians 2:1,4,5]

~ josiah bridges