the point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. [2 corinthians 9:6]


before we recognize and meet with the presence of God … a word.  please, if you have not watched / listen to the sermon from wednesday – please, do so! pastor marc clearly declares how some pastor /teachers have misused this passage. and, he warned us in detail how we can misuse this passage ourselves. behind these misuses is the idea of contractual giving. we are giving to get something. we are giving for a blessing, for for financial gain, for favor, for love, for acceptance, for healing, for our kids happiness, etc. as opposed to giving because we have been given so much by our generous and gracious God who did not spare his own Son for us. please, listen to the sermon for more detailed teaching on this. it is heart changing! now, … into God’s presence.

today, as you stop to recognize God’s presence, read thru the passage again and ask yourself this question: where have you sown bountifully of your time, your guts, your love, your heart, your forgiveness, your listening, your money, and – where and how has God allowed that to reap a bounty?




wait on the Lord a minute … or ten.


and let his Spirit show you were you he has blessed your sowing. let him show you where he has blessed because you gave not to get, but you gave because you recognize you have been given so much.


Abba, Father, Daddy – speak to my soul right now. show me where you have born fruit thru my small simple offerings to you. show me your grace and how it multiplies my tiny offering into much fruit for your glory and your fame! in Jesus, holy and might name, amen!!!


~ john ryan