by truthful speech, and the power of God; with the weapons of righteousness for the right hand and for the left; [2 corinthians 6:7]


truth. power. righteousness. these are a few of the defining features we take on as we carry a message of grace to a world that is desperate to hear it. so if we’re speaking grace to the world without these tools, how are they to hear? why would they submit to a God who cannot change the heart? if we don’t stand out, how will they see Christ in us?

it’s so easy to blend in with the world. we come as close as possible to the “acceptable” line between living for the Lord and looking like everyone else. we don’t call out sin for fear of being called judgemental. we don’t steward God’s power in us for fear of losing respect or relationships. and we hide our hands for fear that God will place in them works of righteousness that require too much time, energy, or money. and so we claim the benefits of God without ever living for his glory.


let’s pause for just a minute and ask the Lord to reveal our hearts. take a look at your life. the way you talk, the way you dress, the way you spend money, the way you eat, the way you conduct business, the way you parent, the way you interact with your spouse, the way you interact with your boyfriend/girlfriend, the way you spend your free time… does it look like the world? or does it look like Christ lives in you? let’s be honest with ourselves, let the Spirit do a work, and ask for an overwhelming desire to give our weakest areas over to him. we say he is more satisfying, let’s show we believe it.

to work together with Christ, as Paul says in verse 1, we should be marked by truthful speech. but to speak truth, we have to be filled with the truth. Jesus prayed this for us in John 17:17- sanctify them with the truth. your word is truth. we are set apart by being filled with truth from God’s word. so we should be drinking it in. we should have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. it’s sharper than a two edged sword, it’s our belt of truth, and it’s the light to our path. so read it! study it! memorize it! it’s your most powerful weapon.

along with truthful speech we go into the world with the power of God. the power of God belongs to every believer because his very Spirit lives in us. so we have to be in tune with him. along with being in the word, we have to be in prayer. praying for more of him. for sensitivity to our sin, for his love to come through us for a dying world to see. so pray. praise and adore. confess. ask in confidence. he hears you.

the last feature in this verse is righteousness for our right hand and our left. this is so important because people are looking for love. they long for it from deep within, and as our righteous acts of service play the hands and feet of Christ, the world will see a God that no only gives love, but is the essence of love. so speak the truth, lean into God’s power, and love in a way that overflows from the never ending well of the love of God.


to stand out in this way seems radical to the world, and to God, we are simply redeemed. so let’s live like we’re redeemed!


~ arwen eastman