but as servants of God we commend ourselves in every way: by great endurance, in afflictions, hardships, calamities [2 cor 6:4]


it sounds completely prideful to “commend” yourself “in every way.” it does not sound Christ-like. it does not sound like the way of our humble King. it sounds like … well, the world.

the world is always commending itself in any and every way.

yet, the difference here is the identity stated before the commendation. notice, the identity from which paul makes this claim. who does he say he is – “a servant of God.” from this identity, he claims his treatment of the corinthian church has been above approach. as he said in verse 3, we have put no obstacle in the way of you seeing the greatness of Christ.

as a servant of God, we can commend the power of God through us. as a servant of God, we can comment the power of God in us. as a servant of God, we can make a statement boasting in the Lord and it not be prideful.

and, if you continue to read on, paul is going to declare the evidence of God’s power in and through their life – “endurance, in afflictions, hardships, calamities.” the evidence of why they can commend themselves is in God’s power that has helped them endure all sorts of persecution for the sake of the church – as they served God!

here are two questions i want us to ask the Lord as we sit in his presence today: can i boast in you Lord that i am your servant? could other’s see that i am your servant, that what defines my life is serving you, by the way i live?

today, ask the question – can i boast in you Lord that i am your servant? if the answer is no. sit in his presence this morning and ask him to anchor you deeper in the truth of “whose you are.” you are God’s by the price he paid for you. you don’t owe him a thing, but everything you are is his. you are his son /daughter. and, you are his servant. that is a good thing! a glorious thing! an identity that can allow you to live in his power and for his glory. as paul would say, if you live from this identity – others will say by the way you live, “he/she is the Lord’s servant!”


~ john ryan