working together with him, … [2 cor 6:1a]


“all of God’s people are ordinary people who have been made extraordinary by the purpose he has given them.” oswald chambers


what is your purpose today? what will you give yourself to that will consume thoughts, supersede other desires, and or get you to act even when it is hard. what is your purpose today?

sometimes my “purpose” is to be lazy. i’m tired of thinking, hurting, wrestling, working, being available, and i just want to escape. (note: rest in Christ and his work is what i need in that moment, but my purpose becomes escape which can often lead to lazy.)

sometimes my “purpose” is work. get ‘er done!

sometimes my “purpose” is playing.

sometimes my “purpose” is studying.

sometimes my “purpose” is doing family.


in and of themselves – all of these purposes (except laziness) are not evil. rest, work, play, study, and family are all good things. but, are they a purpose that turns my life from ordinary to extraordinary – no.

what is our purpose in Christ … “working together with him”.


this means a couple of things.

first, it means we were created, purposed to be “with him.” your purpose in this life from eternity past has been to be with God. (eph 1:4-5) your purpose has always been to be in, live in, find life in the very presence of God. (it is why we do these writings. to urge and remind us of this truth!)

second, it means we were created, purposed to know and enjoy God as the greatest treasure above all things (glory – is 43:7). we were created to be satisfied in his the overwhelming greatness of his presence. his presence is not like our favorite pet, our best friend, our go-to comfort food, or even our beloved spouse. no. God’s presence is glorious! his presence is overwhelming, all-satisfying, awing, and more. once we begin to discover this we realize we were made for his glory that we only know in his presence.

third, it means we were created, “purposed” to point people to this truth: that they too can be in the overwhelming, all-satisfying presence of God. “working together with him” – is this! it is joining God, the greatest of all, to tell others they can be with the great one!


what will your purpose be today. if you need to rest – rest! just do it in the presence of our glorious God and then tell others, “guess what i got to do yesterday. i spent the whole day with a good friend, resting in the presence of God.” that will lead to an interesting conversation, i promise.


o Lord, burn into our hearts today that your presence, being with you is why we were created. and in your grace, you gifted us the work of telling others than can be with you as well. today, remind me of this purpose. give me a desire and hunger for your presence. and, may the fruit of our union be others are pointed to your great and all-satisfying presence! in Jesus name, amen!


~ john ryan