and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also. [ 2 timothy 2:2]

i remember when my first son was born, and they took him over to the warming table to clean him up, and i looked back at my wife and we smiled at each other. and it was a beautiful moment. and in that exact moment i realized i had taken my eyes off my son and i had no idea who was holding him or where he was. even more than that, i had forgotten that i needed to be responsible for him. at all times. five minutes into his life and i had already totally dropped the ball! how in the world could i be trusted to care for this person his whole life when i couldn’t even do it for five minutes?

now, to be clear, he was still on the warming table being checked out by the doctors and nurses and he was totally fine and i had stopped looking at him for maybe 8 seconds. but in that moment, i felt the full weight of being entrusted with something as precious and valuable as a human life.

paul has entrusted the gospel to timothy and here encourages him to entrust the gospel to other faithful men who will ensure the lineage of the gospel is intact for generations.

believer: you have been entrusted with the gospel.

let this truth breath life into you. let the presence of the lord be uplifting to you instead of burdensome today. the most precious and valuable story in all of history – worth selling all of your possessions to lay claim to this one treasure – has been entrusted to you. God did not make a mistake in this. he chose you to be a part of this lineage. even more, he created you specifically for this purpose – to reflect his glory by the proclamation of his gospel through your life.

what a beautiful thing it is to be loved by our God.

~ keith kozlowski