then he went home, and the crowd gathered again, so that they could not even eat. and when his family heard it, they went out to seize him, for they were saying, “he is out of his mind.” [mark 3:20]


what do you think of this accusation, “Jesus, he is out of his mind.”

what is most stunning about this scene to you in mark chapter 3? that, the crowds were so huge and demanding they “could not even eat”? that, his own family went to “seize him” and take him away from this crazy scene? or that, Jesus, the son of God, was accused of being “out of his mind”?

there is a lot about this scene that is stunning. i can only imagine that it was a dose of discouragement to Jesus when his own family came to take him away. i can only imagine that it was discouraging when the people he had come to save began to whisper, “he is not right in his mind.” but maybe most stunning to me, is that i’m still stunned to see people think that Jesus is crazy.

the God and King of the universe, who is Creator of all, Ruler of all, Lord over all – comes to his earth, his creation, to crush its rebellion toward him – by allowing himself to be crushed?


that is crazy!


what god takes on human flesh in the most weakened state, a baby? what God puts on human flesh so he can take on humanities punishment? what god allows his only son to be crushed for the rebellion of the world? our God, Yaweh, the LORD, Almighty, the First and Last, the Great I AM.

our God is not crazy. no he is fully sane and fully wise and fully good. his actions to our world, can come across as crazy. Jesus’ love, his unconditional, sacrificial love strikes much of our world as unreal, crazy, or just not true.

but His love for you that allowed himself to take all your punishment for all your rebellion – is true. this is our God! this is his love! this is his heart for his creation! this is his love for you!


today – how will you respond to this crazy love?


will you … rejoice, worship, yawn, anchor deep in his love, wander looking for another love, tell another of this crazy love, or keep it to yourself.

you will respond. like the crowd that came around Jesus, they all responded to his love. some watched and wondered if it was true, if he was true. some believed. some rejoiced. and some, like his family were embarrassed. everyone responded. how will you respond today?

~ john ryan