since we have the same spirit of faith according to what has been written, “i believed, and so i spoke,” we also believe, and so we also speak, [2 corinthians 4:14]


the spirit of faith, the Holy Spirit, though we may be jars of clay, resides within us. how often we need this truth. it is this same spirit that led the psalmist to say “i believed, indeed i spoke” (psalm 116:10). the Holy Spirit is the one who creates faith, who fosters faith, who grows faith.

“according to what has been written”- this points only to scripture, as paul quotes the old testament. the word of God is what paul points to though he is beaten and bruised. as the affliction built in pauls life, he looks to the words written by God. yet, what is it that is quickest to fall from our lives when we are hit with affliction? our time in the word. my time in the word. paul knows scripture intimately. within his letters, there are approximately 260 times that paul quotes or references the old testament. looking at paul, sometimes, it may seem impossible to have the same zeal for Christ that he had, but here he gives a very clear answer as to one of his not so secret secrets, he knew the word.

when was the last time you set out with the goal of memorizing scripture? the word of God is living and active, imagine how much more powerful it would be in your life if it was more clearly impressed upon your mind. the presence of God is found in his word, why not write it on your heart?


~ holly russell