but we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us. [2 corinthians 4:7]


this is one of those verses, that as someone who grew up in the church, I have heard and read many times. yet this time as i read it, i am understanding it for the first time.

the treasure is the gospel, Jesus Christ himself, through the Holy Spirit within us. this is the power that is within us, the gift that will press us onward.

yet, we are the jars of clay, the fragile, breakable containers within which the God of the universe has decided to place himself to show his incredible power.

satan constantly reminds me of my own fragility and wants me to focus on how i am made so weak. as i focus on self, he attempts to bolster my self image and myself as an idol.

the power of this verse lies in God’s character, not mine. the beauty of this verse is in the humility God calls us to – divine power within the confines of human weakness. and yet, this is still the way in which God largely chooses to work is through us.

Lord, thank you for choosing what is weak in the world, for i am the weakest.

today, pray for humility. pray for a heart that desires to draw near to God. and know, he longs to draw near to you. the entire word of God is so that you can draw close to him, so he can be known by you. so please, run to his throne today, run to his word today. he has made a way for you, a fragile vessel to know him the mighty power.


~ holly russell